With the help of our highly experienced and skilled team of Windows and Linux professionals, AnIT-Bridge is proud to offers Server Support Servicest on site and in the cloud hosting environment such as Google, AWS or any other custom cloud environment. Since Server up time means business and that makes it foundation of any business. With todays growing technical challenges in Cloud and server hosting, finding a right resource in low labor cost is a myth,  but not for long,  AnITBridge is the solution to this challenge. We make sure that remote monitoring, management, and troubleshooting is available to our customers around the clock. AnIT-Bridge’s remote support team and customized tools ensure that your servers, core processes and applications are always running at peak performance and giving maximum output. Remote Server Support can help ease up the work load.
AnIT-bridge’s Remote Server Support Service has alot more to offer than just keep an eye on whether your server is up or down. Our Server Support Systems watches countless numbers of critical metrics and latest trends of hacking so that you Server can be protected from inner and outer dangers. Servers don’t just fail out of the blue but are a consequence of an earlier security flaw, bad/dying hardware or an application level issue that went unnoticed our proactive monitoring tools and deep analysis of our teem helps to keep your system up and running .With the help of our analysis and tools when we detect any sort of problem, our support team are alerted so that troubleshooting can commence as soon as possible.

AnIT-bridge is a solution to your demands. We form a blend of low paid resources and high level of experience making it very feasible for our clients. At the same time, experience helps in establishing your organization and creating a very cooperative atmosphere. You are not bound to one resource and have multiple resources and alternatives to tackle different situations. A backup solution is always available for your on growing demands.

Our high end technical team has years of experience and excellence in this field . We are always there to manage and monitor your servers and make faultless server a reality. Our expertise are vast and we offer all types of Linux and Windows servers support. Our aim is to offer best solutions in lowest cost and our professional are made available 24/7 to monitor and manage your servers. We can host your servers in our own cloud and can manage your servers remotely.

Problems are bound to arise sooner or later in this field of work. Numerous problems are reported to us on regular basis i.e blue screen, emergency repair, upgrade to newer versions, server installations etc. We specialize in both windows and linux and ensure that all you problems are dealt with. Here are some issues we deal with on regular basis.

What we offer?

Cloud Support and Migration

You or your Clients want to move to the cloud and have no experience to do the job. no worries, we can help you with that.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Do not worry while you are away from your office. We are here to watch out your services and keep your business up and running 24/7.

Virtualization Support

Whether you need to create a new virtualized infrastructure or want to convert your existing one AnITBridge can help you with that.

OS Support

We support all server level application in both Windows and Linux operating systems such as, Directory services, Storage, Security, Proxy, Email, VPN, Firewall, routers and many other applications, you name it we do it.

Server Security

Our highly skilled professionals can not only secure your server with current best practices but always keep an eye on upcoming threats/hacks in the technology market so that our clients can stay ahead from newer internet threats.

Patch Managment & Automation

We can centralized your patch management in both Windows and Linux on opensource technology so next time you don’t have to worry about security loop holes in server or applications due to out dated softwares.