Drive crashes and data loss are a menace for growing industries. Have you ever faced a hard drive crash and with it many important documents, office data and priceless photos were lost without a backup? Are you looking for a safe and effective technique to store and secure your data?

AnIT-Bridge provides businesses and a technical home user with solutions. Securing your data and avoiding any future losses.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)/Storage Area Network(SAN)  Servers are a common, yet easy and a cost effective way of adding Storage to your network. If you desire to increase the available Storage on your network without the cost implications of deploying a traditional File Server, we provide our customers with a range of opensource products that can be utilized quickly and directly to your Ethernet network to provide additional disk capacity at very reasonable prices.

Our solutions range from small, single disk units for a technical home user, through disk tower systems for workgroup or departmental storage providing massive storage spaces.

We apply all our techniques by using your Customized Server or Old Computer, without licensing cost of a software to build these opensource NAS/SAN Boxes. Hence, quality is assured without spending huge amounts.

Feel free to consult us. We are happy to help you find the right solutions.