When it comes to Opensource technologies to improve your business and increase savings. finding a right resource is always a challenge.

AnIT-Bridge maintains a firm belief in leveraging open source projects to ensure cost savings and high efficiency across organizations. We can show you how we are easily different and better from other organizations and how we can help you in deploying the latest commercial grade technologies on completely free and opensource software.

Experience the Benefits that you can have using Opensource in your office/production?

Proprietary softwares can take more out of a business than you realize. Ranging from costs of mandatory virus protection to support charges. Open source software and server applications can cut upto 70% percent in your IT budget.

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When it comes to proprietary softwares, customers are always at the mercy of the vendors in this game. But the word freedom is only defined when the user turn to open source software. Customers are finally free from requirements, prices, priorities and dictates provided by vendors.

When a business has foundations based on proprietary softwares, a user is required to keep updating both software and hardware.
But the open source software is much less resource intensive, meaning it can be run on older hardware and no longer a customer is subjected to a vendor telling him when to upgrade.

When talking about open source software, it is the closest to what the users want. It’s because the users can have a hand in making it. It’s not exactly based on vendors giving users what they think they want, but infact users and developers join forces to fullfill the demands. In other words, technical superiority is a prime reason that open source software is given priority.

Similarly, customization is made a possibility now. Users can suggest the tweaks required to suit their needs. Modification, application and fictionalization is such a manner that the users needs are fulfilled is the basic behind the open source softwares.

The superiority of the open source system can easily be identified by the recent discovery by Coverity of a number of defects in the Android kernel. Security was at a risk only because the kernel code was open to public view. What that means is that more people could identify, apply and test a code which was highly likely to bring up a flaw and fix it. Android may not be fully open source as of yet. The same is not the case with Apple or Windows. They are not open to public view but that does not mean that they flaws are absent in these operating systems. All it means is that those products are closed from public view, so no one outside the companies that own them has the faintest clue how many bugs they contain. And there’s no way the limited set of developers and testers within those companies can test their products as well as the worldwide community constantly scrutinizing FOSS can. Bugs, which are a major source of concern, in an open source software tend to get repaired immediately when discovered.
Microsoft, for example, takes weeks to patch a simple vulnerability which means exploitation is possible for a longer duration.

Before putting your trust into something, the best possible way is to try it out. Open source software typically cost you nothing to try it out. You can actually first focus on the application and start paying after the initial trial of community version.

When depending on a proprietary software, it demands blind trust on the vendor. Visibility is minimal and you have nothing but a vendors claim that the software is secure. With Open source, you can see for yourself and be confident.

Open source is free, and so is the support through vibrant communities surrounding each software. It can be explained by keeping in mind Linux distribution for instance. It has an online community with an excellent documentation, forums , lists, forges, mailing, live support chat and paid support is also easily available.

When talking about adhering to the standards,  Open source software is much better than a proprietary software. Open source software users are no longer limited by proprietary data formats.

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