It is our duty to provide services to our clients and make sure our presence is felt at times of need. We aim to provide security and in case of an attack or damage, make sure recovery is quick. We offer solutions for multiple issues. The following are some of our specialties:

Slow and unstable Network

It is a fairly normal problem that most of are bound to face sooner or later. We aim to eliminate this issue and provide maximum uptime. We ensure a design that provides a rhythm to your network. Furthermore, in case of a slow network, we can cure the issue by proper diagnosis.

Problem Diagnosis

The most important step towards eliminating an issue is to get to the cause. We act similar to a doctor in this case. We don’t believe in temporary cure. We believe in strict standards of OSI reference model making sure of proper diagnosis and elimination of the problem from the roots. This ensures high standards and improved services.

Network troubleshooting

Identifying is not an easy task. At AnIT-Bridge, our professionals are well known for their ability to identify the problem within the server structure and restore the normal network operations within the network.

Intrusion Detection

Security is our top priority and keeping intruders away from your servers is very important to us. We ensure your data remains protected from foreign attacks. We closely monitor the network or systems for malicious activity and filter out such malware making sure in the process that your server is not prone to foreign attack.

Bandwidth management

A saturated network means instability which results in network congestion and poor performance of the network. We measure and control the communications (traffic, packets) on a network link and avoid filling the link to capacity or overfilling the link.

Network Security

Without proper security, a network is prone to foreign intrusions and attacks. We keep security a top priority take preventive measures that maybe physical or software oriented. Stabilizing the network infrastructure via our experience, we ensure prevention of unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure, thereby creating a secure platform for our clients.

Firewall/Switch/Router Configuration and Error diagnostics

We can install and configure firewall for protection of your server. We can also troubleshoot a preinstalled firewall in cast you are not satisfied with the level of the implemented security. we also offer firewall/security analysis which helps to point out the security loop hole in your system. We can further bridge those gaps and prevent cyber attacks. We offer best security solutions cheaply. Any threats are prevented that may harm or exploit your Network, Systems, IP traffic and Data.

Troubleshooting and configuration of office VPN , Firewall and switches, are also made available by our experts and makes your server error free and at minimum risks of cyber attacks.

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