Security is the most important barrier that separates your data to the outer world. It also protects your data from malware or any sort of intrusion. There are many ways to provide security to your structure. At AnIT-Bridge , we specialize in all sorts of security levels.

  • Web Content Filtration
    Web filtration allows you to block suspicious content from being downloaded. It allows blocks programs and viruses. Similarly inappropriate sites and content are also inaccessible .
  • Vulnerability assessment
    Security threats are constantly proliferating and developing as a whole. It is important to stay updated and performs regular vulnerability assessments to find the loopholes in your system. This way we can improve our security and improve where we lack.
  •  Firewall Installation and Maintenance.
    Firewall is an essential part of security infrastructure of any organization. We will maintain your firewall and configure it depending on your needs. We will monitor the traffic , keep logs and provide you with reports.
  • DOS Protection
    It is one of the most common cyber crime.Our technical experts protection against Dos attacks via UTM firewall and keep your server secure at all
  • IP Scan
    Malware over the internet are at times a product of hackers that aim to find the weak points after a detailed scan of your IP. By scanning your IP, they find your weak points, the loop holes in your network and expose your vulnerability. We establish a secure environment for your structures and ensure malware filtration.
  • Traffic scan filtering
    Scanning traffic becomes very important to prevent data loss in case of intrusion.we filter such suspicious traffic preventing its entrance.
  • Log Reporting
    It is important to keep a maintained check and balance of the traffic on your server. We maintain a log of the traffic activities, examine it on regular basis and generate reports for our client’s satisfaction. We also provide hardware statistics of different processes i.e ram utilization, bandwidth usage.
  • Mail filtering
    At times, emails may contain a virus or malware. We make sure every email is scanned for the presence virus or malware and rejected in case of suspicion. Spam mails are also scanned, filtered and rejected.
  • Intrusion Protection
    Intrusion Protection system and a firewall work in conjunction to further standardize your server security. It prevents any suspicious activity or any kind of intrusion. We maintain and monitor these sophisticated systems to provide you with a secure atmosphere.
  • VPN services
    VPN services are very important to lead the market of this modern era. AnIT-bridge establishes itself in VPN services and provides all type of services. We provide a feasible route to our clients making it easy for them to connect to us even at long distances. During long distance trips , we make it possible for our clients to connect to their server. If our clients do not have a public IP with them, we provide you with the IP and make sure of a stable connection to your server. We provide different types of VPN:

    • Site-to-Site VPN
      Site-to-Site VPN can be utilized to connect separate Networks entirely to each other. In case you do not have a public IP, we establish a secure connection for you to our cloud and offer a connection to your entire network. If you are a small business and cannot purchase a static IP with a PIR circuit then we can provide our VPN services and connect your clients via our public IP.
    • Road Warrior VPN
      This is a term often used for people who spend most of their time on business trips. Road Warriors use mobile devices and laptop computers that connect to companies information systems. We provide a secure connection to your clients. We also provide secure public IP for such frequent travelers at feasible rates.