We as Manage IT Service provider!

We practice the art of outsourcing on a proactive basis management. We have a team of professional strategic minds for improving operations and cutting expenses to the highest possible extent. Our clients have direct oversight of the organization or system being managed whereas we deliver the managed services ranging from High standard consultancy to the highly graded network security model that aims to stabilize the establishment.

High standard IT services at satisfactory rates remain a difficult target for growing organizations, but AnIT-Bridge makes it a possibility. Over services begin from IT consultancy where our professional team provides the best possible assessment and satisfactory solutions to your queries.

AnIT-Bridge grants access to VPN of different countries on the basis of work. It allows business travelers and telecommuters to connect to their company networks and remotely access resources and services allowing for a stabilized network model.

We specialize in all sorts of security levels  protecting your server from any sort of attacks and preventing  mishaps. Our major aim is to design a server that prevents any intrusion or malware entry and minimizes data losses.

We are experts at remote server management. For clients that travel frequently, we provide a secured connection to the server that assures higher efficiency. One may pause to ponder over our claims, these are not just mere claims, but a reality.  In order to ensure secured connectivity at all times, we will provide and install a Smartbox. The Smartbox aids us in many ways, but to be specific it connects us to your infrastructure and allows us to manage it remotely.

On subscription of our  IT consultancy package, we provide all our services (i.e Smartbox, Backup and recovery etc) proactively unlike the other services that we provide on basis of individual aspects.

We offer a free IT assessment which is based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of your IT department.  We will provide estimated figures based on IT budgeting  and give a reserve analysis to smooth out the impact of IT spending on its budget and manage cash flow.

Cloud migration is also provided to our clients. We provide cloud to cloud migration as well as physical to cloud migration based on their needs or requirements.

It is our duty to provide services to our clients and make sure our presence is felt at times of need. We aim to provide solutions as well as troubleshooting services for multiple issues to stabilize the network infrastructure.

In case of disaster, our network model ensures recovery is a possibility and losses are minimal. Frequent data backup allows us to ensure a secured working atmosphere for our clients,  allowing them to work in a stress free environment.

While the majority aims to benefit from data recoveries, AnIT-Bridge benefits from preventative measures. Preventative measures assure your success as well as ours, hand in hand.  Making success a reality is our priority, because we aim to please.

What more we offer

A free IT analysis from IT experts!

Are you experiencing ongoing computer problems?

Are there problems affecting your employees’ productivity?
Have you had a server failure or loss of data?
Through AnIT-Bridge’s IT assessments,we can bring problems to light an suggest ways to improve your IT department.

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Want to know tricks to improve cash flow and reduce expenses?

Look no further, our experts will utilize their expertise and minimize your

expenses using strategic plans and alternative solutions.

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AnIT-Bridge supports Cloud migration!

We can support you in both, cloud to cloud and physical servers to cloud migration

based on the requirements. Cloud migration comes with numerous benefits that are

all made available to our clients.

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IT Training under the guidance of experts!

We provide IT training to our clients. Both, Linux and windows Networking are made

available and training is also provided of both the operating systems.

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