Common Applications for Linux Users

Common Applications for Linux Users

Common Applications for Linux Users

On posting about the advantages of Linux, we received Numerous queries over the alternative applications of Windows for Linux users. Linux becomes a whole new dimension for users who haven’t really had previous interaction to Linux.
We aim to help you understand the numerous alternatives you could use to the traditionally used Windows applications. We will discuss the most common used windows applications along with their Linux alternatives plus their Download links for the ease of our viewers.

1. Microsoft Office

To begin a list of most used softwares and not include Microsoft office in it would be a crime. Users who have a slight bit of idea of windows are well aware of Microsoft Office and the numerous advantages it gives to the users in document preparation and document editing. The alternative to Microsoft Office is Libreoffice.
It is very similar to Microsoft office. Users can easily utilize this application if they have past experience with Microsoft Office. To add to it, it comes with plugins like PDF converter builtin. You can open your Microsoft created documents in Liberoffice. So jumping over from Microsoft Office to Liberoffice won’t be much difficult.
Liberoffice can be downloaded from :

2. Microsoft Internet Explorer

Surfing the internet is fairly a basic task most of us perform daily. Microsoft Internet Explorer is a built-in Application provided by Microsoft on installing Windows. Internet explorer is a default browser that windows wants us to use. Alternatives to Internet Explorer would be Firefox for Linux or Opera for Linux. Firefox and Opera are available on Windows as well, but they have to be downloaded over the internet after installing Windows.
Download Links for Firefox and Opera are :


3. Microsoft Notepad

A simple Application, but of immense advantages. Notepad is easy to use, from saving simple notes to saving website links, MS Notepad is a very handy application. Alternatives to Notepad are gedit and Leafpad. They can be downloaded from:

gedit Download:
leafpad Downlaod:

4. Adobe Photoshop

The Adobe Photoshop hit the market and is well known for its success after its launch. It is well known for the numerous tools it provides for picture editing. It is a very heavy software written in C++. The alternate to Photoshop is Gimp which is written in C and GTK+. Not as heavy as Photoshop, GIMP is also a very nice alternative for Photoshop users.
Download Link for Gimp is:

Gimp Download:

5. utorrent

It is impossible for a Windows user not to be aware of utorrent. Providing pausable downloads, to the ease of downloading huge files without having the fear of restarting the download again due to internet connection loss.
The alternative to utorrent is qBittorent which works pretty much on the same principle.
qbittorrent can be downloaded from:

qBittorrent Download:

6. Windows Media Player

Windows media player is an application that comes preinsalled in Windows. However, it has a bad reputation for poor codec support and numerous bugs.
For Linux Users, you could use VLC media player which provides a huge library for Codecs, it is very unlikely that it may not support a media file. Furthermore, VLC is updated very frequently which clear outs a lot of bugs from the application.
The download link for VLC media player is :

VLC Player Download:

7. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat reader is often used to view portable document files. From Ebooks to Stories, and even very important documents, Adobe Acrobat reader provides a huge range to users opting to utilize it as a portable document reader.
The alternative to view your PDF files is Evince or Xpdf. They work exactly similar to Adobe Acrobat and are preinstalled usually on Linux distribution.

Evince Download:
Xpdf Download:

8. Winrar

How can someone forget the 30 days trial of a Winrar that lasts for an eternity. It is One of the most used softwares to zip or unzip a file or a folder. The alternatives to Winrar are File roller. It provides all the facilities that were available to users of Winrar.
File roller can be downloaded from


9. Daemon Tools

Used to Mount DVDs, Daemon Tools was very common among the gamers. It was also very common among the DVD production houses and numerous other Software Houses. Alternatives for Daemon tools would be GMount-ISO. It is very easy to access and can easily be understood by a Daemon tools user.
Download link for GMount-ISO is:

10. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker came preinstalled with Windows. It had certain limits such as Codec support. The Open shot Video editor is a great alternative to Windows Movie Maker and a huge success in the terms of Codec support and the ease of video editing for the customers.
The Download Link for Open Shot video editor is:

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