Best Video Editing Softwares/Applications for Windows

Best Video Editing Softwares/Applications for Windows

(Turn your simple clips into a cinematic film)

Whether you are a professional marketing personnel or an enthusiast who just loves shooting 4K or random Vlogs to share among friends or simply you are launching a new product, sooner or later you are going to need to put in some efforts in videography, either by yourself or hire some professional video editor to add that extra bit of spark that catches the audience’s attention in a split second. This, by no means, imply that you should produce “Avengers” like Marvel grade films (you can’t make the Iron Man look as good as they do at Marvel Studios) but you are definitely going to have to do more than just put up unedited, boring clips in hopes of catching people’s attention. No matter how good a video is, it can always use a bit of editing to make things more exciting. So, here we take a quick look at some of the best video editing softwares. Now mind you, I haven’t ranked these because what is the top most useful for me might not me the one for you.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Speaking of the best applications, it would be simply cruel not to mention premiere pro. First launched back in 2003, premiere pro is a continuously evolving desktop based video editing application that serves as a work station for both professional videographers as well as rookie enthusiasts. When it comes to professional grade work, you need not look further because this application has got you covered for all your needs.


The color adjustments, audio correction tools and lighting are just mind-blowing. Workspaces, multitasking with quick previews and easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts give a very smooth experience once you get used to the interface.


It might be a bit heavy on your wallet; you have to be willing to spend some handsome amount to get this monster on your desktop. The huge number of preset effects and what seem like never ending drop down menus of features make it rather difficult to find and use a much simpler tool sometimes. The interface is not as user friendly as its competitors out there.

  • Corel VideoStudio

If you are looking for a cheaper but heavy grade contender, then this one’s for you. Costing a fairly low amount of money, it comes with almost equally amazing features than its much more expensive rivals out there. If you are looking for an easy-to-learn, advance editing software then you surely are going to love this one.


A much simplified interface with 360° video editing, it has everything you need to make that expensive 360° gear’s footage to pop out of your screens. It even supports up to 6 different angles to give you a high quality multi-angle video. This is definitely your cheaper gateway to 3D world.


It’s available on windows only and that might not be a big issue for most of you folks but one can’t just neglects those iOS users out there. Apart from this there are a few minor issues like limited keyframing, lack of advanced media library tagging and curation features are some of them.

  • Davinci Resolve 15

A pretty decent and probably the most powerful free video editing software you can get these days. With a flexible interface and using as many timeline as you want, the folks at Blackmagic have put together one of the best watermark free software and that too for free! The paid version, with extra features, is used by Hollywood movies and TV commercials commonly for their advanced editing and achieving the eye popping cinematic look you all watch on your TV screens.


I couldn’t stress enough upon the fact that it’s FREE. Moreover, you get to work online, in real time with other collaborators around the world on the same project. It also gives you a very smooth interface and you can save your work without having to worry about any watermarks.


It takes up a lot of space and you need to have a powerful PC to support its reliance on your GPU instead of CPU for graphics enhancement.

  • WondershareFilmora

Although a paid application and offering much less functions then most others out there, Filmora made it to this list because the developers were targeting one group and one group only, the beginners. In today’s fast moving world everyone expects you to catch up and be born a professional butFilmora is for those who are beginning to step into the world of videography and video editing. They can edit videos even without prior knowledge of anything. It’s that easy.


Super easy interface, pretty basic features along with quite a handful of advanced ones to make your footage stand out. The file size isn’t that large either and one doesn’t need a powerful system to support this light and user friendly software.


It has to be purchased and the features, though pretty good, aren’t that professional and eventually you grow out of it and have to move on to heavier software to achieve better looking footage.

  • Vegas Pro

Already enforced by Sony and now Magix, this software is no less than a master editor if you are willing to spend some cash on improving your editing skills. It’s been used for years in the industry to create movies, TV ads, music videos etc. and has proven it worth time and time again. From creating 3D visual effects to authoring Blu-ray discs and DVDs you can do it all with this tool on your desktop.


It offers a pretty smooth and customizable user interface especially for beginners. Originally an audio editing software, the audio mixing console is one of the best you’d come across and the transition/ effects packages are pretty cool as well.


Unfortunately there is no free version but a 30 days trial only after which you must pay and the price is not low. This one will cost you a handsome amount so it’s not for those who aren’t willing to spend some extra bucks.


It all comes down to your preference really, what kind of editing you need, how much money are you willing to spend and what suits you best rather than what others suggest. The best way to figure out which one’s for you is simply try out their trial versions before deciding which one to stick with. Even then, you might switch to something fancier because that’s just how humans are.

5 simple tricks to protect yourself from Phishing

5 simple tricks to protect yourself from Phishing

Phising is a social engineering technique used to exploit the imperfections of the security systems. With time, there has been a rapid increase in the phishing incidents across the globe ranging from minor data losses to huge thefts and frauds.

In simpler terms, phishing is a form of hacking by misleading users. It can be labeled as a “fraud” because it deals with user exploitation by using impersonation as the means of obtaining sensitive information such as passwords, credit card credentials and other highly sensitive data. It deals with a system based on baiting and getting users to log in with their personal details onto the disguised webpage.

The AnIT-Bridge team decided the need for public awareness due to the rapid increase in phishing rates across the globe. However, it can be concluded that there is no real way to cure phishing as a whole. Phishing is spreading like a virus, from one user to another. There are some tips that we would like to share to keep the general public safe from losing their sensitive data.

i) Be realistic and sensible while opening links
Carefully check the link, note for any misspellings. In the url, check carefully for any suspicious entries that do not match with the real identity of the webpage you are trying to login. It is a fairly common but wise saying “Prevention is better than cure”. It makes a lot of sense here, be wise and avoid being phished rather than having to find measures to retain the stolen data.

ii) Is the sender trustworthy?
It is very important to see if the sender of the email is a trustworthy entity or not. Receiving an email from an anonymous entity means you simply avoid it. Even if you receive an email from someone not in your close circle, avoid it because it’s for the better.

iii) Verify
If the sender of the email is someone from your close circle, look closely to check if the link seems suspicious. At times, the senders themselves are subjected to phishing and the link is infact automatically generated to be spread like a virus. Avoid opening it and verify from the sender whether if he sent it or not.

iv) Stay secure
Staying secure by using a secure website. A secure website can be indicated by the “Https”. When observing the “Http” before the link, it signifies that a webpage is secure and can be trusted. Before handing out sensitive info such as bank data or credit card, make sure you follow these steps.

v) Report
Don’t let suspicious activity go unnoticed. On coming across such a webpage attempting to phish, report directly to the real organization. This way, such scamming pages can be dealt with and security can be ensured.

Simple tips to prevent Data theft

Simple tips to prevent Data theft

Simple tips to prevent Data theft

Imagine having the main door to your home unlocked, it’s a sight that would surely take away your peace of mind. It’s no rocket science, you have a high probability of being subjected to criminal or burglar activity as compared to when the door was locked. An unlocked main door is an open invitation to theft. Similarly, a computer not secured is inviting viruses, malware and hackers. You can consider your hard disk data as personal belongings that are open to theft in case you don’t secure your computer. We will guide you with easy tips to secure your computer and the sensitive data that it contains.

Check your Firewall Status

To begin with, the first thing you must be sure to do is check whether your firewall is switched “on” or “connected”. Firewall works the same way as it sounds, a wall of fire sounds very secure. Passing a burning wall is not an easy task, and even if someone manages to pass it, the damage inflicted will not allow one to live. Now towards the important question, “How do i check if the Firewall is working?”. It is a very simple task, go to control panel and type Firewall in the search box. You can now check the status of your Firewall. If it is “off”, just turn it “on”. If it is “on”, you are good to go.

Install a suitable Anti-virus

Anti-Viruses are softwares that scan your computer and search for the presence of malware or viruses within the hard drive. They can easily detect viruses hidden in your folders and delete the infected files before there is a further spread of infection. The virus scan are carried out time to time to make sure chances of infection are minimal.
Don’t give away sensitive information

The new trend of online purchasing and online transactions has made life easy. However, it has also given rise to cyber crimes. While online shopping, it is a possibility that the credit card information you are giving away is going to be used for theft. Entering your credit card data or accessing your web email, both can lead to disastrous outcomes. We would highly recommend staying away from rogue websites and never giving out information. For online shopping, it would be better to check reviews of a website before ordering.

Data Back up

In case of a computer crash or electrical outage, you can fall a prey to data loss. Securing your computer also means that your data remains safe and sound. However, if not falling to a virus, malware or a hacker, hardware damage can also cause data loss. We recommend backing up important data to websites such as Google Drive or Dropbox that offer a limited free cloud storage space. You could also backup your data in an external hard drive such as a USB.

Avoid giving out Sensitive Information

Keep a check and balance towards the sensitive information you reveal. It is a fairly common knowledge that you give out information such as your mothers birth place or your father date of birth. There is a fine line between giving out this information as a security question and revealing this information on a social networking website. Example, Revealing your mothers date of birth could be a disaster because it could be the secret question that you have to answer to gain access to your email and password. Revealing innocent information can end up leading to identity theft.

Avoid responding to suspicious emails

Scamming also make into the long list of cyber crimes. Receiving an email such as “You have won a lottery…” is a way of gaining interest from the innocent users. The end result is always a scam. Furthermore, certain emails are a method of hacking or phising. Responding to these emails or even clicking on the link they provide can lead to disastrous outcomes. it is important that you delete all such unusual content you receive in your email to stay secure.

Difficult Passwords
Maintaining a difficult and a strong password is the first line of defense. The key here is to utilize special characters and numbers along with the combination of letters to come up with a password that is difficult to guess. Furthermore, using letters from lower and uppercase, mixing up and creating different combinations can help in avoiding chances of your password getting hacked.

These are fairly common techniques you should use to prevent yourself from being vulnerable to cyber crimes. It is highly recommended that these protocols are followed to prevent data theft at all levels.

Common Applications for Linux Users

Common Applications for Linux Users

Common Applications for Linux Users

On posting about the advantages of Linux, we received Numerous queries over the alternative applications of Windows for Linux users. Linux becomes a whole new dimension for users who haven’t really had previous interaction to Linux.
We aim to help you understand the numerous alternatives you could use to the traditionally used Windows applications. We will discuss the most common used windows applications along with their Linux alternatives plus their Download links for the ease of our viewers.

1. Microsoft Office

To begin a list of most used softwares and not include Microsoft office in it would be a crime. Users who have a slight bit of idea of windows are well aware of Microsoft Office and the numerous advantages it gives to the users in document preparation and document editing. The alternative to Microsoft Office is Libreoffice.
It is very similar to Microsoft office. Users can easily utilize this application if they have past experience with Microsoft Office. To add to it, it comes with plugins like PDF converter builtin. You can open your Microsoft created documents in Liberoffice. So jumping over from Microsoft Office to Liberoffice won’t be much difficult.
Liberoffice can be downloaded from :

2. Microsoft Internet Explorer

Surfing the internet is fairly a basic task most of us perform daily. Microsoft Internet Explorer is a built-in Application provided by Microsoft on installing Windows. Internet explorer is a default browser that windows wants us to use. Alternatives to Internet Explorer would be Firefox for Linux or Opera for Linux. Firefox and Opera are available on Windows as well, but they have to be downloaded over the internet after installing Windows.
Download Links for Firefox and Opera are :


3. Microsoft Notepad

A simple Application, but of immense advantages. Notepad is easy to use, from saving simple notes to saving website links, MS Notepad is a very handy application. Alternatives to Notepad are gedit and Leafpad. They can be downloaded from:

gedit Download:
leafpad Downlaod:

4. Adobe Photoshop

The Adobe Photoshop hit the market and is well known for its success after its launch. It is well known for the numerous tools it provides for picture editing. It is a very heavy software written in C++. The alternate to Photoshop is Gimp which is written in C and GTK+. Not as heavy as Photoshop, GIMP is also a very nice alternative for Photoshop users.
Download Link for Gimp is:

Gimp Download:

5. utorrent

It is impossible for a Windows user not to be aware of utorrent. Providing pausable downloads, to the ease of downloading huge files without having the fear of restarting the download again due to internet connection loss.
The alternative to utorrent is qBittorent which works pretty much on the same principle.
qbittorrent can be downloaded from:

qBittorrent Download:

6. Windows Media Player

Windows media player is an application that comes preinsalled in Windows. However, it has a bad reputation for poor codec support and numerous bugs.
For Linux Users, you could use VLC media player which provides a huge library for Codecs, it is very unlikely that it may not support a media file. Furthermore, VLC is updated very frequently which clear outs a lot of bugs from the application.
The download link for VLC media player is :

VLC Player Download:

7. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat reader is often used to view portable document files. From Ebooks to Stories, and even very important documents, Adobe Acrobat reader provides a huge range to users opting to utilize it as a portable document reader.
The alternative to view your PDF files is Evince or Xpdf. They work exactly similar to Adobe Acrobat and are preinstalled usually on Linux distribution.

Evince Download:
Xpdf Download:

8. Winrar

How can someone forget the 30 days trial of a Winrar that lasts for an eternity. It is One of the most used softwares to zip or unzip a file or a folder. The alternatives to Winrar are File roller. It provides all the facilities that were available to users of Winrar.
File roller can be downloaded from


9. Daemon Tools

Used to Mount DVDs, Daemon Tools was very common among the gamers. It was also very common among the DVD production houses and numerous other Software Houses. Alternatives for Daemon tools would be GMount-ISO. It is very easy to access and can easily be understood by a Daemon tools user.
Download link for GMount-ISO is:

10. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker came preinstalled with Windows. It had certain limits such as Codec support. The Open shot Video editor is a great alternative to Windows Movie Maker and a huge success in the terms of Codec support and the ease of video editing for the customers.
The Download Link for Open Shot video editor is:

Advantages of Linux as an Open source OS

Advantages of Linux as an Open source OS

Advantages of Linux as an Open source OS

Very First of its kind, Linux is an OS that was designed to give a new meaning to personalization and customization. Free or very low-cost Operating System, Linux has stunned the market and slowly taken over the IT world. Slowly gaining reputation as a very efficient OS, a huge portion of users have shifted towards linux knowing the advantages it has compared to other operating systems.

Linux is one of the very first Open source Technologies. Open source gives a whole new dimension to a software. The Level of customization and personalization available to a user is very high. This means, you can download a source code and change it any way you like, there are no restrictions on code distribution. This means, you could bring changes to a software based on how it suits you the best, bring the most out of it. The only restriction you may have is that you cannot distribute the source code for money after brining the preffered changes to it.

Lets go through the set of advantages it brings to its users.


Open Source

Like stated earlier, Linux allows modification and personalization. The source code is available for changes. Furthermore, majority of the applications available on Linux are Open Source as well. The freedom it provides has broken all the boundaries. Making changes such that they favour you in everyway possible is indeed a win-win situation. You can get the most out of something by changing for the better.


Pocket Friendly

Majority of the OS do not come with GNU ( General Public Licnese ) . Pocket friendly here implies to the savings you get in not spending your hard earned money over Licenses. You can start working right away without the fear of software trial period running out. Registry is no longer an issue. You can freely download software for any task you can think of. The possibilities are endless and limitations are minimal.

High Efficiency

Linux can be considered Light weight to a degree. The possibilities it brings out are enormous. The previously old computers, that no longer support the updated softwares, can be used up again. They are highly responsive to Linux. The high standard of performance can be judged by the fact that it can handle large number of users at once on networks and workstations.

High stability

Linux is well known for managing to keep up high end performances over time. Lag, freezing and rebooting is a thing of the past, users no longer need to worry about a freezed application in the background. Sluggish performances after a breif period of use is no longer an issue with this Highly efficient OS.


Compatibility and Variety

Linux is well known for running all Unix softwares. Furthermore, loads of questions are witnessed on online forums questioning the variety of formats Linux can process. To counter all those questions, Linux can run almost all the common file formats available.

Network Functionality

Developed by some of the bestest programmers known, Linux does not fail to provide strong network functionality. Linux is built such that network friendliness is maintained and tasks are performanced at a fast pace. Infact, users rate it higher as a network friendly and functioning OS compared to others that they used.

Low Storage

One of the most received complaints, Freezing or errors on low storage, is no longer valid for Linux. even when  the hard disk being fully filled, no issues are observed. The system responsiveness is still high and the performance is in no way altered.

Numerous Distributors

There are numerous oraganizations with similar aims. This gives you choice over which you prefer best. The functionality remains the same, all softwares run smoothly on most distributions.



It is considered one of the most secured operating systems. Unwanted visitors and viruses are disallowed by the preventative “Walls”. Even online downloading can be considered safe to an extent. SInce everything is Free, no need to give out Credit card numbers and sensitive information that could be of potential harm.


Online Support

With numerous forums on the go, a well established online community is available to counter all the issues you face. You just need to post your query and wait for their response.


10 Simple ways to speed up Windows 10

10 Simple ways to speed up Windows 10

10 Simple ways to speed up Windows 10

Windows runs very smooth and performing tasks is fairly easy as compared to previous windows. It is a very user friendly operating system and very easily operable for new users. Some of the users still complain of slow operating power of windows 10. It varies from user to user and is dependent on numerous factors. We will give you 10 easy ways to improve your windows 10 experience and speed it up.

1.Disable special effects

With the launch of Windows 10, a lot of eye candy has been added to it to enhance the experience of the users. While it maybe very eye catching on the view, but the under performance of the CPU is a complain a lot of users tend to make. To stop the special effects, Right click on start button and click system. Click advanced system settings and then open the system properties menu. Now, on the advanced tab, click settings. This opens the performance options menu.Turn of all unnecessary special effects and enhance the performance of your computer.

2.Disable Startup programs

If booting your PC is a very lengthy process, that means you have enabled a lot of applications on the start up menu. To disable those applications, Right click on start button and open task manager. Click startup tab and go through the enabled applications. If you sense an unnecessary application of the startup enabled, you could disable it to improve performance speed.

3.Clean up the junk

Disk clean up is a utility provided by windows that cleans up the junk and helps removes temporary files that litter on your hard disk. To run it, just search for Disk cleanup, run it and click on the button labeled clean up system files. This enhances the performance and cleans up the space being occupied by these files.

4.Eliminate bloatware

Look for files that your were preinstalled on your PC and you never really needed them. Or even run a check for files that you installed earlier for a certain task but don’t need them any longer. To do this, search for control panel, and under the programs header, click uninstall on all the programs that are not required.

5.Power saver plan

Power saver plan is an improved function of windows 10 that helps it’s user save battery life. This feature is of no use until or unless you want to conserve battery for a longer duration. To disable it, go to hardware and sound. Check to see which power plan you are using.

6.Disable search indexing

It’s a newly added feature to Windows 10. Search indexing basically means that windows 10 indexes your hard drive continuously in the back ground. If you search for something, the search will be quicker with the search indexing being turned on compared to it being turned off. With the continuous task being performed by the processor, it is clear that you are likely to experience a little sluggish performances. To disable this feature, type services.msc in search box, and click the services result that appear. The services will appear, scroll and search for indexing or windows search and disable this feature.

7.Registry cleaning

Registry tracks control a lot of what goes on in your computer. This includes information such as the storage properties of programs along with the DLLs that they utilize. If the program’s setting don’t get cleaned up frequently, they pile up. Loads and loads of outdated settings of all types are piled up and the system slows down. To clear this up, you can install either a paid or a free registry cleaner available online. These registry cleaners do a solid job and clears up the junk.

8.Disable shadows and animations

They can be considered a type of a special effects. Similar to what we discussed in disabling special effects earlier, Visual effects also affect system performance. Even though the newer PCs don’t really slow down over such effects, older systems tend to slow down a lot and irritate users. They are very easy to turn on and off. To begin, Type sysdm.cpl in search box and press enter. Click the advanced settings and click settings. Now you will see numerous visual effects that are enabled, toggle them on and off based on your preference and the speed of your processor.

9.Performance Monitor

A relatively newer tool, performance monitor can provide a detailed report about your PC and list ongoing issues in system performances. Plus, it also gives fixes for the issues. Type “perfmon /report” into your search box and press enter. The PC will launch a performance report. It can be a time consuming task based on your processor speed. Once generated, go through the warning sections and review ways to fix the issues present in your computer.

10. Restart

Once all this is done, you simply need to restart you computer. Restarting can be really helpful in eliminating tasks running in the background that were not of much use. Furthermore, some of the newly made changes only apply once you have restarted your system. 

Password Managers “Memorizing no longer Necessary”

Password Managers “Memorizing no longer Necessary”

Password Managers ” Memorizing No Longer Necessary”

There are numerous platforms on the internet, and numerous are being introduced day by day. Most of us are anxious to know the features different platform provides. Most of us have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Musicly, Dubsmash etc. The platforms are numerous. Most of us have signed up to a lot of these social networking websites. To add to that, there are professional work based websites where the employees are required to have an account.

Furthermore, at times an individual may have multiple account’s on a single platform. Memorizing the Login credentials for all the account’s is a difficult task. For users facing difficulty in memorizing their login credentials, password managers are a great source of ease.

By just memorizing a single Master password, You can access all your accounts. YES! You heard that right. All your accounts at the expense of a single master password. Certain famous and often used password managers include Lastpass, Dashlane, Keepass, 1password and Roboform 8. The registery procedures for these is fairly easy. The users of password managers can identify many benefits of these applications.

  1. Different password for different websites

It can be a pain in the neck when you realize that certain platforms require very complex passwords such as numerical values and other characteristics. Furthermore, some websites have a maximum password length of 8 letters , whereas, other offer a minimum 16 character length password.

Now all you need to do is sign up for these sites. The difficult task, memorizing the password, is left upto the password manager. It will remember the login credentials for different sites and will allow you to login with a signle click.


  1. Plugin support

Password managers offer a great plugin support. Firefox offers addons for these password managers and Chrome offers extensions that interact with the password manager. By just downloading the addon or the extension of the password manager, the rest will be done by the web browser and the appliction itself. Your work is made very easy in all aspects.


3.  Different IOS support         

We have a great news for people that travel a lot, or users that are highly dependent on Mobile phones for accessing their accounts. Some of these password managers ( i.e Lastpass ) are available on android and apple. The cell phone users are not at all deprived of the features being offered for computer users. What are you waiting for? Download from your respective stores.


  1. Automated Filling

Logging In to your account is made easy by automated filling feature. The empty spaces or fields to type your email and password are automatically recognized by your device and by a single tap or a click, the fields are filled up with your login credentials.


  1. Time saving

I remember typing different passwords for my facebook account only because i couldn’t remember which password matched which email. The time wastage absolutely had me raging , furthermore, it left me irritated. Once, I even remember forgetting my login email for a specific platform. Those days are now behind me, Thanks to these password managers.


  1. Sharing passwords with others without them seeing it

In a professional outlook, sharing passwords maybe a necessity. It maybe a requirement of an organization for its employees to utilize a single ID for multiples purposes. Say if you are the boss and need firm control of the ID, you could share the password without the other employees even knowing the login credentials. This way, you are no longer under the threat of someone changing your password. They maybe able to login and access the account, but they can not change the valuable information.

Wherever you are, I will find you and I will Pop up

Wherever you are, I will find you and I will Pop up

Wherever you are, I will find you and I will Pop up

While you are enjoying a nice article or a video, all of a sudden, your enjoyment gets disrupted with a “pop up advertisement”. They can be a pain in the neck. They cross the boundary when they are time limit based, wait for the clock to tik away so you can continue with your activity. Disrupting your enjoyment is the best idea the advertisers can come up with. The alternative is to pay up to access the content for free. The worst part is that even the websites on which an individual has to pay up are full of advertisements.
Guess what? We will provide you alternative ways to block advertisements on your prefered browsers. You don’t have to pay and the content you want to access is pretty much a click away without the pop up advertisements dirupting your activity.

Block Pop ups on Google Chrome

Follow the step by step guide to enable a pop up free Google Chrome browser.

1. Launch the Google Chrome browser

2. On the top right corner of Chrome, you can see the Chrome menu icon. Click on the icon.

3. Now click on settings.

4. You may notice a search settings field. In the field, Type “Popups”.

5. Click on the content settings.

6. You may notice Blocked written under the Popups. If it states allowed, Click Popups.

7. Turn off the switch next to allowed.

8. Now enjoy a Popup free Google Chrome Browser.

Block Popup advertisements On Firefox

1. Launch Firefox Browser.

2. Click the Firefox menu.

3. Select addons.

4. In the “Search All Add-ons” text box, Type “Adblock Plus” and press enter.

5. Now click on “install” .

6. Once the installation is complete, restart Firefox.

7. On restarting, Click on radio button beside “EasyList” in the Adblock Configuration window. Afterwards, click Subscribe. Advertisements are now Blocked.

Block Popup advertisements on the Internet Explorer

1. Launch Internet Explorer web browser.

2. Now click on “Tools”, and then select “Internet options”.

3. Click on the “Privacy” Tab.

4. Now you need to activate the “Turn on Popup Blocker” by clicking on it.

5. Now tap on apply to confirm all the changes you have made.

6. Popup blocker is now activated. Enjoy surfing the web without disruptions.

Are Blockchains secure?

Are Blockchains secure?

Are blockchain really secure?

Blockchain offers data sharing between individuals that don’t know or don’t trust one another. Data sharing is enabled in tamperproof way. Millions of individuals put their trust in Blockchain because it offers data storage in a complicated and sophisticated mathematical language using innovative softwares. These are very difficult for hackers to get to and offer a high standard security to the users.

The intelligence of Humans has surpassed those of machines and similarly the newer generations of hackers are sharp and very well aware with mathematical approaches. When blockchain meets such hackers, things are bound to get out of hand. Even the best-designed Blockchain systems can easily fail when the sharpest of minds are on the job.

The word tamperproof used previously seems unjustified. The major basis of the security in a blockchain is the “fingerprint technology” and the “consensus protocol”. Even these state of the art security modules are no longer considered safe and secure.

All blockchains may differ in certain ways

The type of blockchain you have chosen is entirely based on your requirement. The standard of secuiry is based on whether you have chosen a public blockchain or a private blockchain. Both the types have many differences and vary in numerous ways.

The most notable difference is that a public blockchain allows the any user to join that is connected from the internet. However, a private blockchain only allows known organizations onto the server. Together, the users form a private or a “members only” network that is not accessible by any Third party.

Another difference which is quite clear is that public blockchains work on the principle of anonimity. Users are not aware of the identity of the other users. A private blockchain, on the other hand, requires identity confirmation through membership or login credentials. The members of the private blockchain are well aware of the identity of the users they are dealing with.



A blockchain is only as secure as the infrastructure that defines it

Blockchain has certain inherent properties that provide security management, but there are usually known holes and vulnerabilities that can allow the infrastructure to be tampered with. There are a certain set of rules that a blockchain infrastructure need to possess.

  • The access of sensitive information is not granted to anyone including root user or administrators.
  • No data change or attempts to change the sensitive data should be allowed within the network.
  • Guarding encryption keys using the highest standard of security levels that are available.

Eventhough, the verdict stands, Blockchain are no longer secure. To add to the additional security levels, the sensitive data can be protected using these protocols. The depth of the infrastructure is the basic behind the levels of security, the better the infrastructure, the more secure the network.


Hole In The Great Wall Of China?

Hole In The Great Wall Of China?

A barrier that was considered very difficult to pass, the great Firewall of China is an immense obstruction for the Chinese locals. Google, Youtube, Facebook and other highly rated websites are censored. Alphabet’s latest creation, Outline finally enables the users to bypass the great firewall.

Alphabet is an organization with multiple divisions. Its Cybersecurity division is working on an interesting project called Outline. Basically, It allows a user to create and run a VPN server on digitalocean. It’s pros and cons will be understandable in the article below.

It is available on windows and Linux. It will be launched on the macOS.After tweaking alot with Outline, we managed to understand its working. it is overall an interesting product consisting of two basic components, a managing application and a client. The application recommends that you use digitalocean by default as a cloud hosting service.

The positives of using Outline include the ease of understanding it. You can create your VPN server on another server but Outline helps making it easy for you to manage and run your server. Otherwise, users would prefer other VPN’s.

If you opt to go with the flow, that is select Digitalocean as the default web hosting service, the application opens up a web page in the default browser and opens up a webpage. You are then requested to write you Login credentials as well as password and One-time password. Now that you are done with this, Outline will establish a link with Digitalocean. It will use Digitaloceans API.

DigitalOcean has Data centers in 8 different cities : Amsterdam, Bangalore, Singapore, Frankfurt, San francisco, London, New York and London. It is a well established Web hosting service. Outline after establishing the connection with Digitalocean automatically opts for the cheapest option provided by Digital ocean. It offers $5 per month for 1TB of transfer data. Now your server is being created.

When you are done with selecting the city, the managing app will download a Docker image. The server which is being created is made on the basis of this Docker image. Outline offers continuous software updates. We discovered that these update are brought forward on hourly basis. Security updates are also provided. The software may even reboot the server if necessary.

The Great Cyber wall of China
China maybe one of the most populated countries in the world, but living there comes with certain drawbacks. China is highly developed but it limits the internet with censorship. Most travellers or business oraganizations tend to purchase a VPN subscription to be able to utilize websites such as Google, Youtube or facebook. Majority of the VPNs are blocked. Alot of the unblocked VPNs suffer frequent disruptions and losses in connection due to the Great Firewall. Another drawback is the fact that the user cannot fully put its faith company managing the servers. Companies will claim that they are not logging user usage data, but you can never be too sure.

How well does Outline perform in China?
Our Team at AnIT-Bridge decided to put Outline to a test. We were able to successfully connect to the Digitalocean server and browse numerous blocked websites including Google, Facebook and youtube. We connected the VPN via the San francisco server and checked for the performance results. Results posted below are from

Ping: 241ms
Download: 9.76 Mbps
Upload: 7.31 Mbps
We found the results extremely positive. We hope to see better results in the future as the software is still under improvements.