An office move or renovation brings many challenges and opportunities for everyone involved, as well as opportunities for labor work involved. Participating in a move that was planned by others does little to prepare you and you need to plan out each and every step yourself keeping in mind the consequences and outcomes of each move . Planning a move is a unique puzzle that requires high concentration, and the effort to accomplish it is often underestimated because difficult tasks keep on arising after every move. It can be compared to putting on a play. There’s a lot to prepare, including building the set, getting the suitable costumes and props, rehearsing and practicing steps, and finally, the final product “performance”. Everyone has a job to do and by the time of the first performance, they need to do it flawlessly without any faults. At the beginning of the process, everyone is anxious about their roles and tasks. As the planning takes place, it becomes clear what the final outcome will look like and how every move will be given made faultlessly.

The article will help you understand the process of planning the IT portion of an office move and what is expected from an individual during this move, how to make use of the available resources, and how to begin with the preparations. A move is not something to worry about , in fact an opportunity to prove your worth to your peers. So take a breath and believe in yourself that a move can be a positive experience, and that it will increase your wisdom and value around your peers and also within yourself.

There will be a large number of characters involved with the project from beginning to the end. A lot of these involved will be external to your organization, like an architect, an engineer, contractors, vendors, and a project manager. Many of these individuals will bring be linked with other external people and hence bring other numerous characters to the project. Planning for the labour involved is a basic of the office move and once you have a fair draft of each and every individual needed for the different tasks to be performed , you can finally get to the next part

The next area involves mapping (in a very simplistic way) and the general topology of an office network installation. Modern network office cabling is a typical “home run” design that terminates all of the cables at a patch panel. Sometimes this patch panel is located on a rack but in smaller installations, it is mounted right onto the wall such that its presence does not disturb the beauty of the design. Either way, all cables go from each workstations wallplate to a patch panel. Mapping and figuring out the cabling gives us an overview of the final structure we will have for our office design.

Furthermore, as experienced professionals, we keep in mind certain questions that we need you to answer.  These questions help us with an overview of your expectations and the final topology of the office.

  • Is the structure similar to that of a modern office structure?
  • Are the office walls hollow?
  • What is the width of the room?
  • How many floors is the office established on?

And many other questions determine your office design. Our expertise are not limited and will be visible in our field of work. We will make your office move a rewarding experience, we will aid you in each and every step.

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