Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Ever seen those secret spies’ movies where a super-secret facility has a giant metal door and to get through a worker stops-by, places his hand on a finger print scanner, then gets his face recognized and sometimes even has to speak up a secret code word in the microphone or even swipe an ID badge through the scanner and only then the door opens. Well that’s not just a fictional thing now and in real world, this is what we call a multi-factor authentication (MFA), if a combination of these different methods is being used or two-factor authentication (2FA), if two different modes are being used.

From drawing out cash from an ATM to signing in to your Google or some other social account, one is sure to come across multi-factor (or in some cases two factor) authentication nowadays and it is frankly the need of the hour.

Internet has become stronger and smarter and much more easily accessible for people all over the planet now and this means it’s getting harder and harder for websites and social sites to keep their and clients’ data secure and safe from the prying eyes and dangerous minds of hackers. MFA has played its role in reducing cybercrimes to some extent as it is more secure than a simple password which can easily be cracked by different softwares that are using rainbow tables or some other password generator. This is a detailed topic and might need more than just one blog to explain all the types and how it work and all, so here I’ll just be discussing some of the benefits of MFA:

  • Stronger Security

The most important advantage of MFA is that it gives you a safer system/account that is difficult for a hacker to breach. You can, for example, secure your account by adding an additional factor along with your password such as authenticating your login request through your mobile phone or asking for a fingerprint. Unless the hackers have both the authentication factors, they cannot access the account.

  • Simplified, Faster Login Process

One would think that MFA would mean slow login process because of the need to verify all the enrolled factors firstfor all the different apps you’re using, but fortunately that’s not the case. MFA allows companies to use a much more advance “Single Sign-on” login setup which allows user to login with a single set of credentials, which are validated once before allowing the user to safely access all the different apps and tools connected to it.

  • Increased Productivity

With all the burden of typing in passwords removed and having replaced them by fast and effective authentication factors the companies can increase their productivities in the right environment and situations.

  • Cost Effective

One may think that incorporating MFA to a business requires some fancy technology and loads of cash but that’s far from truth. You can use of the many available free 2FA apps  to be used by your employees and it’s a piece of cake when it comes to learning to use it.

  • Customize Your Own Security

The flexibility of MFA allows one to easily and freely customize their level of authentication, add as many layers of security as they like and even have rapidly upgrading software based authentication to make the system more secure and easily accessible (I mean who knows, you might wanna hand out secret code bearing USB drives to all your employees to add a cool factor and feel like you’re running a top-secret facility)

In short, the MFA is basically what’s keeping you a tad bit secure than those static passwords that used to cost companies lose millions, made people lose important documents and be blackmailed for them and so much more. Although the cybercrimes haven’t completely stopped but MFA has definitely made it harder for hackers to breach the system and access your precious data.

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