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Server/Network Security

Security breaches are negligible by our high standard security.

Server virtualization

We assure reduced costs, increased productivity and optimization.

Server management

We manage all aspects of your server offering continuous analysis.

IT Consultancy

We offer suggestions and implementations to improve standards.

Corporate VPN

We grant access to VPN for business travelers and telecommuters.

Backup and recovery

In case of disaster, we can recover the data and minimize losses.

Troubleshooting Services

We offer problem diagnosis and problem solving to increase efficiency.

Hardware SLA

We provide regular hardware maintenance and upgrading.

Cabling/Office move

We help encounter all challenges bought by an office move.

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If you are a small business owner aiming to grow, you need a foundation to support your network. Contacting us is an win win situation and allows you to learn more about the options available to make your network run efficiently. You will gain knowledge about how to hire an IT firm that enhances business efficiency. And the best part – it won’t cost you a penny and like we stated earlier, it is a win win situation.

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What more we offer

A free IT analysis from IT experts!

Are you experiencing ongoing computer problems?

Are there problems affecting your employees’ productivity?
Have you had a server failure or loss of data?
Through AnIT-Bridge’s IT assessments,we can bring problems to light an suggest ways to improve your IT department.


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Want to know tricks to improve cash flow and reduce expenses?

Look no further, our experts will utilize their expertise and minimize your

expenses using strategic plans and alternative solutions.


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AnIT-Bridge supports Cloud migration!

We can support you in both, cloud to cloud and physical servers to cloud migration

based on the requirements. Cloud migration comes with numerous benefits that are

all made available to our clients.

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IT Training under the guidance of experts!

We provide IT training to our clients. Both, Linux and windows Networking are made

available and training is also provided of both the operating systems.


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Have Questions?

What is IT out sourcing or managed IT services?

Managed IT services is the art of outsourcing on a proactive basis involving management responsibilities and functions. It involves having strategic methods for improving operations and lowering expenses. It is a highly used functioning service that improves IT operations.

How can Server virtualization benefit your organization?

Server virtualization comes with many benefits.You can finally end server sprawl and do more with the available resources. Cost savings and lowering expenses is finally made a possibility . Increased uptime is also guaranteed with server virtualization.

How corporate VPN service benefit your organization?

Corporate VPN has many advantages. High speed internet not available to many industries. Secured internet service along with secured storage is made available. Access to public IPs of different countries is granted on basis of work. It increases work efficiency of Road warriors and frequent business travelers.

How can we secure your sever remotely?

One may pause to ponder and wonder how we can manage your server remotely. In order to ensure secured connectivity at all times, we will provide and install a Smartbox. The Smartbox aids us in many ways, but to be specific it connects us to your infrastructure and allows us to manage it remotely

IT is a fast growing industry changing with time We continually pursue research and evolve with the changes in IT to remain updated and be prepared for the challenges to come.

Managed IT Services

We practice art of outsourcing with the best strategic minds. Our services range from High standard Consultancy to the Highly graded Security model. We aim to improve operations and reduce expenses to the lowest possible figures.

Cloud Computing

We expertise in the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data on demands of our clients. We increase flexibility of the workforce and enhance the efficiency of the services.

VoIP Phone System

AnIT-Bridge can also provide dedicated voice based service on cloud.We deliver voice communications and multimedia sessions over internet protocols successfully.

IT Consulting

AnIT-Bridge is involved in the art of IT consultancy which is providing advice, estimating, managing, implementing, deploying, and administering IT systems on behalf of our client organizations to ensure smooth operations.

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